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Professor PEROT, BLAIR (Amherst)
Associate Professor

    Phone: (413) 545-3925

**Disclaimer: Condensed CVs for the School of Marine Sciences. For a full CV, please contact the professor.**
Research Interests:
Research in the fields of numerical methods, free - surface flows, turbulence modeling, and ultrahydrophobic drag reduction.

Ph.D. Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering, January 1994.
Dissertation: “Shear - Free Turbulent Boundary Layers”.
Ph.D. Minor: Computer Science: Parallel Architectures and Algorithms.

M.S.E. Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering, June 1989.
Research: “Coherent Structures in Near Wall Turbulence”.

B.S.E. Princeton University, Engineering Physics, June 1987.
Senior Thesis: “A Method for Determining the Dimension of Chaotic Systems”.
Minor: Physics.

Professional History:
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (2003 - Present).

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (1997 - 2003).
Conducted research in the fields of numerical simulation of fluids, massively parallel computations, and turbulence modeling.

Founder, Aquasions Inc., Canaan, NH. (1995 - 1997).
Obtained contract research from private and Federal Government agencies in the areas of turbulence modeling and numerical methods. Developed the potential turbulence model.

Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM. (1994 - 1995).
Worked in the Fluid Dynamics group of the Theoretical Division (T - 3) developing an unstructured, fully implicit, Navier - Stokes code for the simulation of internal combustion engines (CHAD). Involved with turbulence and spray modeling.

Selected Publications:
F. Giraldo & J. B. Perot, A Spectral Element Semi - Lagrangian Method for the Spherical Shallow Water Equations, Journal of Computational Physics. Accepted May, 2003.

J. B. Perot & R. Nallapati, A Moving Unstructured Staggered Mesh Method for the Simulation of Incompressible Free - Surface Flows, Journal of Computational Physics, 184, 192 - 214, 2003.

M. Dai, H. Wang, J. B. Perot, & D. P. Schmidt, Direct Interface Tracking of Droplet Deformation, Atomization and Sprays, 12, 721 - 735, 2002.

W. Chang & J. B. Perot, Prediction of Turbulent Transition in Boundary Layers Using the Turbulent Potential Model, Journal of Turbulence, 3, January. 2002.

W. Chang, F. Giraldo & J. B. Perot, Analysis of an Exact Fractional Step Method, Journal of Computational Physics, 179, 1 - 17, 2002.

X. Zhang, D. Schmidt & J. B. Perot, Accuracy and Conservation Properties of a Three - Dimensional Unstructured Staggered Mesh Scheme for Fluid Dynamics, Journal of Computational Physics, 175, 764 - 791 2002.

S. Are, X. Zhang & J. B. Perot, Application of the Turbulent Potential Model to Unsteady Flows and Three - Dimensional Boundary Layers, International Journal of Rotating Machinery, Accepted September 2002.

J. B. Perot, Conservation Properties of Unstructured Staggered Mesh Schemes, Journal of Computational Physics, 159 (1), 58 - 89, 2000.

J. B. Perot, Turbulence Modeling Using Body Force Potentials, Physics of Fluids, 11 (9), 1999.

J. B. Perot, Comments on the Fractional Step Method, Journal of Computational Physics, 121, 1995.

J. B. Perot & P. Moin, Shear - Free Turbulent Boundary Layers, Part II: New Concepts for Reynolds Stress Transport Equation Modeling of Inhomogeneous Flows, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 295, 1995.

J. B. Perot & P. Moin, Shear - Free Turbulent Boundary Layers, Part I: Physical Insights into Near Wall Turbulence, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 295, 1995.

J. B. Perot, An Analysis of the Fractional Step Method, Journal of Computational Physics, 108 (1), 1993.

P. Bradshaw & J. B. Perot, A Note on the Turbulent Dissipation Rate in the Viscous Wall Region, Physics of Fluids A, 5 (12), 1993.